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COVID-19 Volunteer Support Roles 

Like many other organisations and businesses in Australia, The Salvation Army is also facing the challenges of worker shortages. To address these shortages, we are reaching out to those who may have extra capacity to assist in volunteer roles, at least for the short term until workers are able to return to their usual positions. This presents a potential opportunity for our current volunteers who may wish to try their hand at a different role! See links below for more details about the roles and to express your interest.

Covid Response Delivery volunteers urgently needed across Queensland – click here to express your interest

Aged Care Covid Response Support in most states – click here to express your interest

When you volunteer or work for the Salvos, you're making a difference in the lives of countless people. We are always looking for individuals to bring fresh energy and ideas to a range of volunteer roles. Whatever your skillset, availability or areas of interest, you may surprise yourself with the different ways you can make a difference. 

You may have stumbled across this webpage in a search looking for opportunities. If you'd like to know more about volunteering with The Salvos, you can also have a look at our main volunteering page on our national website - Volunteer with the Salvos

If your mind is made up and you want to see what available, our opportunities portal will show you all the available roles (volunteer and paid) that are currently available with The Salvos.  

Existing volunteers

If you're already a volunteer at The Salvos and would like to apply for another volunteer role, please directly contact the recruiting manager in the job ad. You don't need to apply for the role online. Let the recruiting manager know that you are already an existing volunteer with The Salvos. The recruiting manager can look up your profile, and if selected, will simply add the new volunteer role to your existing profile. 

If you'd like to apply for a paid role, please apply online via the opportunities portal with the same name you use for your volunteer role. Please let your recruiter know that you are an existing volunteer! 

New to volunteering?

If you're not currently a volunteer at The Salvos, you can apply for a volunteer role in one of two ways. You can either apply online via the job ad or contact the recruiting manager for a registration form. Visit our opportunities portal below!