COVID-19 Support

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As COVID-19 once again poses a challenge and many states go into lockdown, it's important to look after yourself - physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. If you are struggling, reach out for support and do it early. Here you will find useful COVID-19 information and links to available supports. 

Please continue to follow health orders and keep in contact with your manager for any changes which may impact your volunteering. Please ensure if your contact details change to let your manager know; this will help us better communicate with you. 


If you experience a lockdown or extended restrictions and are impacted emotionally, socially, spiritually or financially, please reach out and get support. 

  • Free counselling services
  • Our Doorways team can provide discrete support for impacted personnel. Please contact your local Doorways centre. Please ask your manager for more information. 
  • For more health and wellbeing support, please click here.