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If you use EasyWorship and don't have all the songs from The Salvation Army Songbook, look no further.

Download and unzip the collection to add to your database. A guide for adding them into your computer or updating your present collection is also provided. Adding these schedules will not erase your database, simply add the new songs to your collection.

You can also download a collection of Hallelujah Choruses.


If you use PowerPoint, go to - you will need to register a user account for The Salvation Army Community Site who hosts this service. Then simply click on the song you require and on its page, click on the link Add to Powerpoint Creator. You can add up to 10 songs at a time, then click Email this presentation to your address - you will receive a simple PowerPoint which can be used as is or customised as you desire.

[NB Do make sure you are looking in the UK version of the SASB as the US version is a little different in places.]


The NEW Songbook (2015) has been released, it is accesed via an app.
To see it visit:


If you want an excellent searchable songbook database you may also like to explore: which is a mobile friendly site hosted by USA West. Select by number, browse by section or search (US songbook) this downloadable and searchable database. Please note that, because of the way that Excel handles security, the first time this document is opened you will need to click the "Enable Macros" button, then close the file. Second and subsequent uses don't require any special handling  (Download provided by Major Peter Townsend). 


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