Homelessness Week Toolkit

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National Homelessness Week | 1-7 August 2021

Every year National Homelessness Week raises awareness around people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face, and the action needed to achieve long-lasting housing solutions.

Salvation Army campaigns, events and promotions can engage the community with how they can help end homelessness for all Australians. Any promotion about National Homelessness Week will also lead to people at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness contacting the Salvos for help.

The Salvation Army’s theme for National Homelessness Week is ‘home’ – with an emphasis on how the meaning of home is different for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. As a society, we can advocate to help open doors for people facing barriers to secure and stable housing. Unlocking the door to a place to call ‘home’.

National Homelessness Week Toolkit

This toolkit includes resources to help you promote National Homelessness Week, any relevant events your location may be hosting, ways people can get involved and your community support services.

National Homelessness Week Daily Conversations

Join us during National Homelessness Week for daily panel discussions with Salvation Army experts on key issues related to homelessness – from structural advocacy to service delivery. Each conversation will include a 30-minute discussion followed by a 15-minute question and answer session. 

Topic: Government Relations from an advocacy lens

When: Monday 2 August 2021, 12-12:45pm

Speaker: Major Paul Hateley, Head of Government Relations

Duration: 45 mins

Register: National Homelessness Week Daily Conversations 2 August 2021

Topic: Homelessness and the justice system 

When: Tuesday 3 August 2021, 12-12:45pm

Speaker: Brendan Fitzhenry, National Homelessness Specialist (street sleeping/rough sleeping/veterans/older persons)

Duration: 45 mins

Register: National Homelessness Week Daily Conversations 3 August 2021

Topic: Is housing the solution to ending homelessness?

When: Wednesday 4 August 2021, 12-12:45pm

Speaker: Chris Karagiannis, CEO Salvation Army Housing & Dr Jed Donoghue, Acting General Manager Homelessness

Duration: 45 mins 

Register: National Homelessness Week Daily Conversations 4 August 2021

Topic: Better understanding the impact of homelessness on accompanying children and models of good practice

When: Thursday 5 August 2021, 12-12:45pm 

Speaker: Sally-Anne Clark, Regional Homelessness Manager, Queensland, Kellie Brown, Homelessness Manager, Victoria, Elyse Anderson, National Homelessness Team Project Support

Duration: 45 mins

Register: National Homelessness Week Daily Conversations 5 August 2021

Topic: Preventing premature deaths from the experience of homelessness (this conversation hour is connected to the Parity edition)

When: Friday 6 August 2021, 12-12:45pm

Speaker: Shane Austin, Homelessness State Manager, Victoria, Mark Furlong, Research Lead, Parity edition

Duration: 45 mins

Register: National Homelessness Week Daily Conversations 6 August 2021