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Hello Artists!

If you are on this page perhaps you are a Spoken Word Artist from long ago and already a champion for it. Or perhaps you are intrigued as to what it is! In essence, Spoken Word is the spoken performance of poetry. Although you can speak other people's pieces, artists often write and perform their own pieces. It is a powerful ministry and we can testify to seeing God use it in amazing ways!

If you want to learn more about Spoken Word we recommend listening to this podcast from our '7 Days...' podcast! It features Rosy Keane a prolific Spoken Word Artist.

Click here to listen to the Spoken Word Podcast

On this page you will find video resources of Spoken Words but also scripts of Spoken Words all of which you are free to use! 


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If you have any scripts or pieces that you would like to be included as resources on this site please send them to worshiparts@salvationarmy.org.au for consideration.

'Is God a Dragon'

'Is God a Dragon' is a Spoken Word written for Pentecost 2022. Words & spoken by Aux-Lieutenant Rosy Keane, Music by Captain Gareth MacDonald

You can download 'Is God a Dragon' here


'Justice Dances Barefoot' - International Women's Day 2022



'For the One'

Written and performed by Jessica Latham and Amy McNabb, For the One is a creative spoken word piece about the power of people of faith to transform their community, one life at a time.
Click here to download the video

'As One We Pray'

As One We Pray is a spoken word soundscape for prayer reflection, based on John 17, Jesus' prayer for unity among all believers. Produced by The Worship Arts Team for The Salvation Army 2021 National Prayer Focus 'God is seen when we are One'

Download 'As One We Pray' Script here


As One We Pray: written by Louise Mathieson & arranged by Amy McNabb Spoken Word: Karen Clark, Logan Bust, Amy McNabb Music: See Your Son (Dan Casey & Peter Gott) Soundscape speakers: Blessing Maduka, Bong-Kyu Lee, Cynthia Gunawan, Dillon Wu, Fea Musa, Irina Boyd, Jim (Yao) Sun, John Anderson, Ken Waterworth, Louise Mathieson, Marion Bangura, Mary Yarran, Milo Casey, Odir Galdamez, Rowdy Casey, Shushannah Spence, Terrence Whyte, Wendy Oliver Archive footage courtesy of Salvos Studios. Spoken Word filming & video editing: Lucas Daly, Graeme Gough & Kylie Moore with thanks to North Brisbane Corps AV team. Soundscape and video production: Dan Casey 

'How I Remember'

A combination prayer, poetry and reflection guide. This video combines simple physical hand prompts, based on grounding and mindfulness strategies, with the key touchstones of the Kingdom story.

You can download the script here

You can download the video here

'No Greater Love'

'No Greater Love' is a spoken word resource produced by The Worship Arts Team for ANZAC Day. The poem is written by Damian Morgan and used with permission. This resource is free for you to use and download. 

Download the video of 'No Greater Love' here

'Make a Difference'

This resource was produced for a NSW/ACT Division Eyes High Service (a divisional online service). The poem was written by Major Sandy Hogg and explores how we truly can make a difference in the lives of people around us. 

Download the script of 'Make A Difference' here

Download the video of 'Make A Difference' here

'This Time Next Year'

This resource was produced by Worship Arts QLD as part of a resource collection for the QLD Division Mission Conference 2022 - "Jesus Centred, Community Focused".

Click here to download the script 

Click here to download the video 


Training - Spoken Word

This Spoken Word training was developed as part of the 'Speaking Your Story' Stream of EQUIP Online 2020. It is presented by Amy McNabb. 

It covers:

- Spoken Word Culture

- Watch a Spoken Word

- Tips and prompts on writing your own Spoken Word 

- Writing a Spoken Word!


You can watch and download the training here