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  • Red Shield Appeal Doorknock
  • Aspire Dance Bootcamp
  • National Songwriters Summit
  • Worship Night with David Ware and Kris Singh
  • Thought Matters Conference 2017

Red Shield Appeal Doorknock

27th May

Sign up for this year's Red Shield Appeal Doorknock!
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Aspire Dance Bootcamp

17th June

Aspire Dance Bootcamp is an opportunity for people that are passionate about expressing their faith through dance.
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National Songwriters Summit

21st July | The Collaroy Centre

The Salvos National Songwriters Summit is focussed on using our individual and collective faith journeys and experiences...
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Worship Night with David Ware and Kris Singh

22nd July | Collaroy Centre

This open worship night at Collaroy is a special open session of the National Songwriters Summit, with Worship Leaders D...
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Thought Matters Conference 2017

29th September | Booth College of Mission, Upper Cutt, Wellington, New Zealand

An annual conference organised by The Salvation Army's Tri-Territorial Theological Forum (TTTF).
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