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Apply now for the 2017 Fellows Program.

About The Fellows Program

Q. What is the Fellows Program?

A. Each year, since 2011, The Salvation Army (TSA) offers the Fellows Program, sponsored by Aged Care Plus, to foster a learning culture and knowledge building through the professional development of its Officers, employees and volunteers for the benefit of the organisation and ultimately the community which we serve. Scholarships of up to $5,000 are available for deserving applicants.

Since 2011 almost 100 scholarships have been carefully selected by the Selection Committee and grants have amounting to over $300,000 in total have been awarded.

Q. Who can apply?

A. Any AUE TSA Officer, employee or volunteer who meet the eligibility criteria* are encouraged to apply. Previous Fellows recipients will not be eligible to apply for the two years following their grant.

Q. What are the Application Eligibility and Requirements*?

A.To apply for the Fellows Program, applicants must meet the following criteria*:  

1.1  Must be a resident or citizen of Australia.

1.2  Must be an AUE TSA employee or Officer or Volunteer.

1.3  Last performance review must be included with application. Work performance must be outstanding (Grade 1/2). Performance reviews must be no more than two years old. If a performance review has not been undertaken, or is more than two years old, a new review must be completed with the template provided. Please contact to obtain a template. This does not apply to volunteers.

1.4  Two internal TSA written references required from Referees (must not be a relative or family member) who can comment on the Course benefits and relevancy. We are not looking for Character references alone.

1. One written reference from the applicant’s line manager specifically mentioning relevance and benefits of course to current role. Where the line manager is a relative or family member, a reference must be obtained from next level of leadership.
2. Second written reference from a relevant internal TSA source outlining the foreseen benefits of the course to The Salvation Army and role of the applicant.

1.5  Provide a written application outlining:

a)         Benefits of the course/conference/program to TSA and the applicant.

b)         Relevance of the course/conference/program to the applicant’s current position.

c)         Reasons to support the application.

d)         Information regarding how the course/conference/program learnings will be disseminated across TSA.

1.6  Must not have been awarded a Fellows scholarship in the last two years.

1.7  All applications must be received on or before the deadline 1 May, 2017

1.8  All applications must be made online using the Fellows Program application - If you are unable to apply online, please contact Aged Care Plus Marketing & Communications team via email

1.9  The application must be endorsed by the applicant’s Line Manager and also the Head of Department via an online approval sent directly to them by the closing date of 1 May 2017.

1.10 All applications must be complete at the time of submitting. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Q. What are the selection criteria?

A. Applicants will be considered on the basis of their contribution to TSA, their expertise, accomplishments, past work performance and the potential positive impact on TSA from their professional development and shared learnings.

We consider creative people relaying their talents across the widest possible range of activities, rather than a predetermined set of criteria fields. 

Q: Will I be granted the full cost of the course/conference/program?

A. It is the discretion of the Fellows Committee to award full or partial scholarships up to $5,000 per applicant.  You will need to detail how you intended to pay any balance, if the full amount requested is not granted.

If the applicant is not awarded a full scholarship, the Fellows Committee will contact the applicant to discuss partial funding to determine whether the applicant can fund the remaining costs of their course/conference/program. 

Q. How will I be reimbursed for the cost of the course/conference/program?

A. Successful applicants are required to pay for the course/conference/program and provide Tax Invoices for reimbursement.  If this is not possible, the applicant must contact the provider and request a tax invoice to be paid directly by TSA.

The Fellows Committee provide the process note for reimbursements to the successful applicants with necessary details. 

Q. How do I apply?

A. All applications must be made ONLINE using the Fellows Program weblink on Application opening date will be announced via AUE bulletins.

The Selection Process

Q. What is the Fellows Committee?

A. The Fellows Committee is comprised of representatives from Booth College, Human Resources and Aged Care Plus Executives. The Chair is the CEO of Aged Care Plus. Their combined expertise and knowledge helps in selecting the most deserving and promising Fellows. 

Q. What information does the Fellows Committee use to make its recommendations?

A. If all eligibility criteria are met, written applications will be reviewed and assessed in regards to:

  1. Benefits of course/conference/program to TSA and the applicant.
  2. Relevance of course/conference/program.
  3. References from Line Manager and support from Heads of Departments.
  4. Reasons to support the application.
  5. Information regarding how course/conference/program will be disseminated across TSA. 

The Announcement

Q. How are recipients notified of their scholarship?

A. A member of the Fellows Selection Committee will contact the successful applicants prior to the public announcement. This will be followed by a confirmation letter including an invitation to the Awards Ceremony and instructions on receiving the scholarship funds.

A public announcement is made through internal media including names, photographs and biographies of the Fellows, which may also be posted on The Salvation Army website and other external media. 

Q. Is it mandatory to attend the Ceremony to receive the Grant?

A. It is always nice to have attendance of recipients but we understand that this is not possible for everyone for various reasons.

Attendance to the Ceremony will need to be discussed and agreed with your Manager. In case you cannot attend, your Certificate will be posted to you.

Q. How many people receive a scholarship?

A. While there are no quotas or limits, typically, up to 20 scholarships will be awarded each year, depending on the funds requested and allocated. 

Successful Applicants 

Q. What happens after Fellows are notified of their successful application?

A. Fellows recipients will receive clear written instructions regarding access to the grant, reimbursements and also booking of the approved course/conference/program and travel and accommodation where necessary.

  • Upon booking the course/conference/program, Fellows will be notified of the due date of their Scholarship Report and provided the report template.
  • All successful applicants must provide a Course Summary Report, using the template provided upon receiving the scholarship, within two months of completing the course/conference/program.
  • All successful applicants must provide an Implementation Report, using the template provided upon receiving the scholarship, within eight months of completing the course/conference/program.
  • Fellows agree to the use of their image and report for promotional purposes.
  • Fellows agree to appropriately use the funds awarded as outlined in their application to cover course costs and any associated costs to attend the course. Any misuse of funds will result in cancellation of the scholarship.
  • If the successful applicant leaves their employment with The Salvation Army within a year of receiving and/or completing their course or program, they may be asked to repay the scholarship awarded. 

Q. What are the Scholarship Reports used for?

A. Fellows are required to provide two reports, using the templates provided, of their experience outlining the benefits to TSA and the applicant. The Course Summary Report is due within two months of the completion of the course to summarise knowledge obtained and plans for dissemination and/or implementation.

The Course Implementation Report is due within eight months of the completion of the course to report on the outcome of the work completed as a result of the course/conference/program and the benefit to the Army.

Scholarship Reports are used for internal and external news stories, to promote future Fellows Programs and as an opportunity for recipients to reflect on their experience and learning outcomes. 

Q. Can I change or defer my course/conference/program?

A. Unfortunately it is not possible to amend courses. The scholarship can only be used for the approved course/conference/program.  

Q. What is the validity of the grant provided?

All successful applicants must use the scholarship within the financial year of being awarded the scholarship. 

Q. What happens if I leave TSA after receiving the scholarship?

A. If the successful applicant leaves their employment with The Salvation Army within a year of receiving and/or completing their course or program, they may be asked to repay the scholarship awarded.

The Salvation Army acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures; and to elders both past and present.