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Big Buds - Prayer Pals

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Big Buds is an intentional mentoring and discipleship initiative aimed at engaging children in significant relationships with adults from their faith community outside of their own family. The Big Buds program equips and supports Big Buds as they establish a safe mentoring relationship with their Little Buds. Previously called Prayel Pals, churches use the same material, but can choose the name that works best for their setting.

The range of styles of mentoring relationships possible under Big Buds is only limited by imagination. The wise choice will depend on the age and needs of each individual child, the needs of the family and church and the results of prayer. 

Using Big Buds in Junior Soldiers

In your enrolment pack you will find a Big Bud or Prayer Pal certificate to be used alongside the Junior Soldier certificate and poster. It is important during the enrolment segment that Big Buds are encouraged and challenged in regards to the promise and commitment they are making to support, care and disciple the Junior Solider on their faith journey.

Within the Big Buds material (Big Buds Resource File) you will find a template for an information flyer as well as a template for a Big Bud/Little Bud passport. These templates allow you to be able to add specific church information and logos as well as provide you with a couple of design choices.

The information flyer should be used when approaching someone to consider being a mentor for a Junior Soldier or child in the corps. This outlines what a Big Bud is, what the program looks like, the safe people requirements as well as giving supporting research behind this program.

The Big Bud certificate will be used during the enrolment segment.

The Big Bud/Little Bud passport is to be used by both the child and the adult to share information about themselves, things they like to do, hobbies, who is in their family etc. There is also a space on both of the passports for a photo of the Big Bud and Little Bud together. These passports can then be placed on their fridge, in their Bible, on a special notice board or somewhere of prominence where both of them will remember to pray for each other and connect regularly.

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