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Inclusion & faith pathways for children & families from culturally diverse backgrounds webinar

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Inclusion & Faith Pathways for Children & Families from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds Webinar 

A panel discussion about inclusion and faith pathways for children and families from culturally diverse backgrounds.

To watch the full webinar click here (1hr 34).

Discussion Highlights:

  • How do we welcome families from migrant or refugee backgrounds?
  • How do we create faith pathways for families from culturally diverse or refugee backgrounds?
  • How do we bridge the gap between our community outreach programs and our faith communities?
  • Are there any ‘do nots’ we should consider when communicating with families from culturally diverse backgrounds? 
  • Many refugees have come from countries that are heavily impacted by war and violence. Does our title of ‘Army’ and our reference to ‘Soldiers’. ‘Junior Soldiers’ etc. impede our ability to connect?

Our Panellists:

  • Alphonse Mulumba, Inclusion Engagement Coordinator
  • Cynthia Gunawan, Inclusion Engagement Coordinator (Asylum Seeker and Refugee)
  • Captain Winnie Ng, Corps Officer for Chinese Ministry, Calamvale Corps, QLD
  • Captain Manikya Mera, Intercultural Officer, Intercultural Ministries, Melbourne, VIC.



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