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Junior Soldiers: Optional Award Work

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Junior Soldiers can be used as a small group discipleship material for children, or as curriculum for your Kids Church or Sunday School. 

The award components are designed to help young people explore and participate in the spiritual disciplines on a regular basis.

At each award level they will be encouraged and challenged to build on what they have done previously in a particular discipline and step up to the next level. The awards offer young disciples opportunities to experience and engage with God in a variety of ways so that they can explore their discipleship in the context of their particular learning style, spiritual gifting and personality.
Some award tasks may be covered in Junior Soldier lessons or other activities that Junior Soldiers participate in, like Kids Church, Kids Club, camps or school.

Recognising these achievements as fulfilling requirements for the awards will help to build a holistic model of discipleship and promote a whole life approach to faith and mission.

Each award level will take time and this will vary for young people depending on their spiritual, emotional and intellectual development as well as their age. It is important not to rush the Junior Soldiers through the awards. The aim is to develop their spirituality, not to finish each Passport as quickly as possible. It is equally important not to hold young people back if they are ready to move on. Developing relationships as discipleship partners is vitally important to gaining insight into the spiritual growth of Junior Soldiers as they move through the awards.

For more information about the Award Work component of Junior Soldiers please download "Leaders Notes for Passports", available on this page.

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