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LIFE: Identity & Self-Esteem

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LIFE is small group discipleship material for youth, helping to build relationship and healthy community.

This 5-week series dives into some of the major issues we all face. Who am I? Who am I meant to be? What do others think about me? Will anyone ever love me?

Unfortunately the world isn't much help. Magazines, TV, and shopping centres all deliberately play on our insecurities with the aim of turning a profit. It can be hard to see the value in yourself when everywhere you turn you're confronted with comparing yourself to an unrealistic ideal.

We hope this series will help you start the conversations that will help people lose the mask and start enjoying being the person they were created to be.

What's inside?

Week 1: Names & Labels

Week 2: Image

Week 3: Embracing Weakness

Week 4: Acceptance

Week 5: Worry

Category: Discipleship

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