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National Prayer Focus 2022 | Jesus Centred Prayer Cards for Kids & Families

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These Jesus Centered Prayer Cards for kids and families are designed to align with the National Prayer Focus 2022 devotion guide. Its goal is to help families connect with their young people, to create conversation around prayer and inspire them to think about their relationship with God.

Parents/ Caregivers:

  • Feel free to use them ANYTIME! Find the time that suits you. The most relaxing place is often the best place to create conversation. Whether it is mealtime or in the car or somewhere else, here is an opportunity to talk about prayer with your kids.
  • The questions are suggestions only. You know your children best, and you may find other questions that help lead you to meaningful and helpful discussions.
  • To help adjust the questions to suit the age of your children you may like to use personal past or recent experiences to help shape your questions and conversations.

There are two versions available, a PDF version and a bigger file size version for PowerPoint presentations:


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