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The I AM Statements of Jesus - Sermon Series

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The I AM Statements of Jesus

This Sermon Series, written by the Rev Kevin Giles, looks at Jesus' seven "I AM" statements in the Gospel of John.
In the four Gospels Jesus’ unique authority and identity as the Son of God are expressed in sayings which begin with the words ‘I am’ (Greek, ego eimi), a phenomenon most frequently seen in John’s Gospel. For Jews who knew their Bible well the force of all these ‘I am’ sayings would have been clear. Jesus was saying, ‘I am God.’ In hearing me you are hearing God speak. In fact many of Jesus' I AM statements are derived from Old Testament metaphors.
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Sermon Outlines and PowerPoint files for each week are attached for easy downloading and each week's corresponding video is linked below. 

I AM... The Bread of Life (Week 1.)

I AM... The Light of the World (Week 2.)

I AM... The Gate for the Sheep (Week 3.)

I AM... The Good Shepherd (Week 4.)

I AM... The Resurrection and the Life (Week 5.)

I AM... The Way, the Truth and the Life (Week 6.)

I AM... The True Vine (Week 7.)

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