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The T@ble: Community Meal Program

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The  T@ble  Project

The T@ble strives to create an environment that encourages connection and togetherness. It is a space where genuine community can be formed. It aims to help tackle the growing impacts of isolation and loneliness in our communities, caused by the increased disconnection of family and the breakdown of traditional communities. 


The T@ble is a program that brings together people from the Corps and the wider community and invites them to engage in the whole experience, from preparing the meal, sharing dinner together and cleaning up at the end of the night. It aims to provide an experience for people to be fed both physically as well as spiritually through creating a space to engage in life-giving conversation that helps people connect with each other while also exploring some of life's bigger questions. The program helps to facilitate friendships that reach beyond The T@ble gatherings and into the journey of life together.     

All are welcome.
Everyone has a voice and is heard.
Friendships are formed.

Download the program now and get cooking!


Category: Evangelism / Outreach