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ASPIRE Motivational Content: Multiculturalism

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ASPIRE is a dance program. This is the motivational and life skills content that runs alongside the dance program.

Each program has 10 weeks’ worth of material. There are many different overarching topics, such as Life Skills, Multiculturalism, the spirituality of dance and making life choices.

This program is on the topic of Multiculturalism. 


CONTENT: Multiculturalism 

  1. What is culture?
  2. Not weird, just different
  3. Australia: a multicultural nation
  4. Stereotypes
  5. Discrimination, it doesn’t belong here!
  6. Caring for refugees and asylum seekers
  7. Raise your voice
  8. Religion
  9. Do you speak my language?
  10. Multiculturalism in my world