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Game: Playdough Pictionary

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Playdough Pictionary

What you need:

  • Play-Doh (you can google how to make your own if you have a tiny budget).
  • 2 x Table Space.
  • A list of words to create (use Pictionary cards to save time creating your own!)

The Game:

Just like it sounds! Pictionary, but with playdough. Divide the room into 2 teams. Have a representative come up front from each group. Show them the first Pictionary word, (these work well on small bits of paper or card so they only see one word at a time).  They must run back to their group and, without talking, mould that word with playdough.


  • You can use words from your topic or lesson to introduce the subject.
  • Mix easy words like 'dog' with some tricky ones like 'ark of the covenant' in order to have some fun but don't make them all hard or it will be discouraging.
  • You can have players tag-team. Once they have had their team guess their picture the next team member runs up to get the second word. The team with the most correct in the allotted time wins.
  • Have a leader at each table to ensure there is no cheating.

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