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House of Holiness

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House of Holiness

The House is a course in practical holiness, already used by at least 32 corps in six nations. It follows the Alpha Course model--that is, teaching talks followed by small groups. The optional meals together make it even better.

Written and produced by Major Peter Farthing, the course features seven sessions, each with an 18-minute talk and a small group guide. 

The course aims to help people grow with God and live more like Jesus. It is for all followers of Jesus but may also be helpful for those still yet to make a commitment. 

It is suitable for all, including people who speak English as a second language. 

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Available on this page:

  • Downloadable Small Group Guides 
  • Recorded talks for streaming



Session 1

Ask Jesus to bring in his furniture. Christlikeness, and how to invite Jesus to bring in his nature.


Session 2

Boldly make new paths and ruin old paths. How to change your habitual ways.


Session 3

Sit down with Jesus. How to spend time with Jesus order to grow more like him.


Session 4

Turn on the lights of love. How to become a person with more love.


Session 5

Change the conversation. How changing our talk can change our life.


Session 6

Take out the old garbage. How to repent, and be changed.


Session 7

Give God the keys. How to surrender everything to God.



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