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SAGALA Guidelines

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SAGALA is a life skills program for 5 – 17 year olds.

If you you're interested in starting up a SAGALA group, the best place to start is by reading through the Guidelines and chatting to your DYS.

The SAGALA Guidelines are your "How To" book. It includes instructions on how to run a SAGALA group and all the regulations around the running and organisaiton of SAGALA.

To download your copy online, click on the download link on this page. If you would like to order a paper copy of this book, please email us at

Laws, Mottos & Prayers

There are several features common to all sections – the Purpose Statement, the SAGALA membership badge, the Pledge and the salute.
Each age group (i.e. Explorers and Moonbeams, Adventurers and Sunbeams, and Guards and Rangers) has its own law, prayer and motto. 

You can download a powerpoint presention which each of the different pledges, laws and mottos on this page.

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