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Travel Packs - cultural activity pack

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Explore the diverse cultures of the world without getting on a plane.

Embark on this journey with your family, friends or neighbours and travel the world together, learning some of the unique things that make the world, and its people, so special.

Like any travel plans you make, you can pick and choose what you do! 

Here are some suggestions for using this pack;

  • Make family dinner time extra-special by working through this pack together.
  • Open your home to your neighbours and spend the night cooking, eating and learning together.
  • Host a virtual evening of travel for your friends.
  • Use one of the books recommended and create a virtual or real life book club, eating together and sharing reflections.
  • Use it as a way to meet new neighbours by 'travelling' the world together or possibly learning more about their culture.

We hope you enjoy your trip and have a fun and immersive experience!


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