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CEIS - Christian Education In Schools (ACT only)

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Scripture in schools in ACT is referred to as CEIS (Christian Education in Schools)

If you are in NSW click here.

If you are in Qld click here.

The following steps must be taken in order to gain authorisation to teach religious education in schools.
1. A Corps has a person wanting to teach scripture.
2. Download the Minister's Endorsement Form (ACT) from the attached pack.
3. Person wanting to become a Scripture teacher fills in the form and then submits it to their Corps Officer for their backing. If the person wanting to become an Scripture worker is the Corps Officer, please submit directly to CEIS for authorisation.
4. Corps Officer completes the rest of the form and emails completed form to CEIS at 

On this page you can download the following documents: 

  • CEIS Volunteer
  • ETD Insurance Arrangements for Volunteers
  • ETD Volunteers Nomination Form
  • CEIS Code of Conduct (ACT)
  • CEIS Ministers Endorsement Form (ACT)

If you have any questions about this process, please contact CEIS at