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Easter: The Door to Life

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Easter 2018 resources

To Corps Officers

We are aware that Easter is a busy time in the life of the church. There is much to do but there is also a great opportunity with the many visitors that can walk through the door during the Easter season. That's why we have put together a complete sermon presentation for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday with engaging professionally designed images and PowerPoint presentations ready to make it your own.

Download the files and you will see sermon outlines and transcripts with a message which seeks to engage your congregation by exploring the dramatic imagery of Jesus as the door to life. This will save you hours of preparation and help you to focus on the people you care for.

Salvos Studios - Videos

Individual Videos:

  1. Samaritan Woman
  2. Zacchaeus
  3. Blind Man
  4. Invisible God
  5. Full Video

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