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LIFE: Heart to God, Hand to Man

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LIFE is small group discipleship material for youth, helping to build relationship and healthy community.

LIFE Series are best used in a small group or cell group context.  


This 5-week series goes through a Salvation Army distinctive, "Heart to God, Hand to Man" and explores what this looks like in our homes, our corps, centres, local community and the wider world. 


What's inside?

Week 1: Heart To God, Hand To Man - Intro and History

Week 2: Heart To God, Hand To Man - In the Home

Week 3: Heart To God, Hand To Man - In The Corps and Centre 

Week 4: Heart To God, Hand To Man - In the Local Community

Week 5: Heart To God, Hand To Man - In the Wider World


Please note a new addition to the LIFE group material - 

"The Take Home Participants Guide" (page 3&4 of the PDF)
If you print these two pages back to back your members can fold it up have a little booklet that recaps the 5 weeks and has space for them to write down personal application points. 

Category: Discipleship

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