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Love in Action: Transformation or Transaction?

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A four part film series with discussion guides for teams to explore how they engage with their local community members.  

A series of five minute conversations between Lieut. Col. Dr Lyn Edge and Dr Cameron Parsell (University of Queensland).

Ideal for church / corps or small groups.

  • Love in Action Part 1: Transformation or transaction?

What is the difference between transformation and transaction? 
Embedding transformation for mutual benefit and growth.


  • Love in Action Part 2: Transformation or transaction?

What is the foundation for transformation?
Seeing people in the image of God – no ‘us and them’.


  • Love in Action Part 3: Transformation or transaction?

What does transformation look like in practice?
Exploring the changes and challenges for transformation.


  • Love in Action Part 4: Transformation or transaction?

What difference does the Christian faith make in transformation?
Drawing people to Jesus through relationships of integrity and generosity.


Category: Evangelism / Outreach, Promotion / Communication