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National Church Life Survey 2021

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National Church Life Survey 2021

In response to the current and possibly ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in some places, the NCLS are providing online survey options to enable every corps to participate when physical gathering isn’t possible. NCLS survey enables The Salvation Army to capture the voices of our congregations and leaders to plan for the growth and development of our mission and faith communities.

You will begin to receive NCLS survey kits by September in readiness for the November survey period. Your survey kit contains all the instructions you need to conduct the survey. You may choose to conduct the survey fully online if needed.

Below are multiple options available to provide your corps attendees with access to the survey online and you will be able to use any or all of them.

A. Get your Survey Kit in the post

Corps’ will receive a physical Survey Kit by September

  • Prior to your survey period, your corps will receive a Survey Kit in the post.
  • It will contain printed instructions, Leader Survey and Attendee Survey (these go to all churches¬).
  • It will contain any paper surveys you ordered.
  • Even if you did not order any paper surveys, a small set will be included.
  • Completed paper surveys will be returned to NCLS directly (details are in your survey kit).

B. Restrictions? Need to switch plans? No problem!

The entire survey can be conducted online

  • If restrictions come into place in the week(s) you plan to do the survey, you can easily switch to doing it entirely online.
  • Even if your corps ordered paper forms only, online surveys will be available for your corps to use.
  • You will be able to access as many online forms as you need. You will not run out.
  • There will be easy instructions to follow in your survey kit about how to use the online survey.

C. How to distribute online surveys for the 2021 NCLS

Your corps Survey Kit will contain instructions for distributing online surveys to attendees. You will be able to use any (or all) of the following methods:

Fill out on a device during the service

People can use their device with the same church code that people use on a paper form

  • While the corps is meeting (including during a live online service), please provide your church code to attendees so they can complete the survey immediately.
  • This method may be the most reliable way to collect responses.

Distribute your corps’ NCLS unique link to corps attendees

Your Survey Kit will also include a unique online link for your corps that takes attenders directly to your corps’ survey (no church code required).

  • Email your corps survey link to your corps congregation (if you have their email addresses) and/or,
  • Include the survey link in your corps newsletters and/or,
  • Post the link in an online group for the corps (i.e facebook page) and/or,
  • Display the link in a Zoom session or recorded service

The timeline for the survey is:

  • September 2021 – Survey kits are sent to your Corps.
  • November 2021 - Survey Period (it will take 20 minutes for your corps attendees to fill out the survey at one of your meetings or to fill out online).
  • November to December 2021 – NCLS analyses survey data.
  • February-March 2022– Results and analysis will be returned to The Salvation Army.

For general information about the 2021 NCLS, please visit the website


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