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Community Garden

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Community Garden

A community garden is an initiative that provides space for community members to join together to grow plants and vegetables. At their best, community gardens provide people with the opportunity to build relationships, learn new skills and share food together. They can also provide food for meals and Doorways programs. Community gardens allow people to explore concepts such as sustainability and environmental awareness.

A community garden can provide you with a great opportunity to engage your corps, the wider community and local stakeholders. 

These gardens have become much more than places in which to grow plants. They have become places for artists to display artwork; for poets to read poetry; for children to explore and discover; for older residents to pass on skills; for the weary to rest; and for the pleasure of the garden to be shared by all who visit. - Elaine Shallue

Downloads Available: 

  • Resource Pack
  • Mission Proposal Form
  • Code of Conduct
  • Group Management - Terms of Reference
  • Sign-In Sheet Template
  • Planning Meeting Template


For a more detailed look at the steps required to set up your own community garden, click here.



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