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Program Approval Resources

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To support the migration of volunteer data to Salvos Workday the People component of the SMO database has been disabled.  Please click on the relevant Program Approval Resource documents below to support you with this change.

For more information on Salvos Workday change updates click here to go to Salvos Central (only accessible with The Salvation Army email login). Alternatively, contact your line manager for the latest information. 


Step Guide

Step Guide for NSW, ACT & QLD


Step Guide Step Guide for VIC, TAS, NT, SA, WA
Frequently Asked Questions - NSW ACT QLD
Frequently Asked Questions - VIC TAS SA NT WA
New Program Member List Template (VIC, TAS, SA, NT, WA)
Safe Salvos Program Approval Form

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Keeping children and young people safe and well within organisations is so much more than having policies and procedures in place. A child safe organisation is one that creates a culture, adopts strategies and takes real action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and young people is at the centre of its values, decisions and actions. This is a collection of training resources for this benefit.

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