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SAGALA: Material Required for Guards and Rangers

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SAGALA: Material Required for Guards and Rangers

SAGALA: Material Required for Guards and Rangers SAGALA: Material Required for Guards and Rangers

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Guards/Ranger's Material:

Enrolment Packs:

In the pack you will find games to teach the Pledge, Laws and Prayers for each section of SAGALA including a powerpoint presentation.  There is also an enrolment pack for each member with things they will need to know to be enrolled.

  • Guard/Ranger Enrolment Leaders' Pack 
  • Guard/Ranger Enrolment Pack 
  • Guard/Ranger Enrolment Certificates for you to print
  • Link Certificates for you to print
  • Member's Individual Record Form
  • Individual Record & Permission Form (Safe Salvos NSW/ACT/QLD)
  • Pledge, Laws, Prayers & Mottos powerpoint presentation
  • Guard/Ranger Badge Record Form

Other Material:

  • Award Star Certificates
  • Epsilon Award Material
  • General's Award Material
  • General's Award Forms for leaders (listed below)
  • Patrol Leader certificates
  • Participation certificate

General's Award:

  • General's Award Interview Questions 
  • General's Award Panel Comments
  • General's Award Application Form (to be sent to the Mission Team with the Panel Comments)

Ceremonies Pack:

These resources are optional – you may use some or all of these as you choose or you may have your own ideas.

This pack will give you tools and ideas for how to make the enrolment ceremony meaningful for your new Guards and Rangers recruits.

In this pack you will find:

  • Candle Ceremony
  • A circle of friendship Ceremony
  • Stepping Stones Ceremony
  • Totem Pole Ceremony 
  • Streamers Ceremony
  • Flag Enrolment Ceremony 
  • Link/Stepping Up Ceremonies

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